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Worse still, do you feel as if you don’t even know what you’ve done wrong? An abusive partner will find multiple opportunities to point out what you are doing wrong – as a way to gain a sense of power over you (2).

Brene Brown, the great researcher and author, notes that there is a difference between guilt and shame. Can you name 3 or 4 things your partner has rebuked you for over the last week? A screaming red flag is when they tell you that you are so “bad” that nobody else would take or love you.

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Nobody deserves to be abused, physically or emotionally.

Because, if you are like most people, you might be missing the red flags that you are in a relationship with an abuser.

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Some will threaten to hurt or even kill themselves – and blame that choice on you.These are classic behaviors of abusers because they exhibit different expressions of one of their core traits: taking no responsibility for their own choices while wholly putting the blame of their own pain or misfortune on the abused.An emotional abuser will exclude you not only from their heart, from their good will and from their approval, they will also exclude you from their activities.If you constantly feel guilty in your relationship, but you don’t really know why, it might be because your partner is encouraging you to feel that way.Does your partner always claim that everything’s your fault?

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