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Fickling Sr., a local realtor, discovered one in his own backyard in 1949. C., he learned more about cherry blossoms and sought to bring more to his hometown.

If you're thinking of going to the National Cherry Blossom Festival next year, keep up with the National Park Service's Bloom Watch to get updates on the blossoms. While these trees obviously are not native to the South, William A.

The ritual of — elaborate cherry blossom viewing ceremonies and celebrations with singing, dancing, and drinking — began at the imperial courts, practiced by elite classes, but commoners also celebrated in rural areas.

Cherry blossoms exemplify the noble character of the “Japanese soul” — men who do not fear death.

The “Kojiki,” a compilation of oral accounts of the origins of Japan, was commissioned by Empress Gemmei.

The Tang Dynasty of China was at its height of cultural, economic and military influence.

Most Japanese visit their country’s trees in groups for special cherry blossom viewings known as .

Students visit the trees taking a half or full day off from lessons. Companies send their newest employees to stake out areas for corporate picnicking under the trees. by the people of Japan, only 100 still live on the National Mall.

Minamoto no Yoritomo defeated other powerful Japanese families to seize control of certain functions of the government and aristocracy.

710-794: Ritual cherry blossom viewings begin and trees are transplanted to towns.

Cherry blossoms are connected to Japanese folk religions, a symbol of reproduction and new life.

After a chilly start to spring on the East Coast, cherry trees are in full bloom in Washington, D. But the trees’ pink and white blossoms are not just beautiful.

They’ve been an evolving symbol of the nation of Japan for hundreds of years.

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