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It’s easy and quick, and helps set the tone for doing more.

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day.

Schedule each task into blocks with the most important task set first.

It’s good to go through a review process where you hold each task to scrutiny. If not, take it off the schedule to focus on the most productive activities. By doing your bed every morning you’ll tell your own mind that you’re organized, tidy, and productive.

By adding positive habits to our days we can eliminate over thinking about what to do and actually get things done.

Obviously, this is an optional part of a morning routine for coffee lovers.

Another mindset booster, consuming motivational content can set our focus on the right things.

With so much negative news everywhere we look, it’s important expose ourselves to positive messages.

Especially for people who are on their computers all day, getting a little bit of social time is healthy and can help overcome shyness.

Try this: Review your day’s goals to eliminate any potential time wasting activities and set a clear plan.

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