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She wears simple camoflauge pants which are tucked into combat boots.She wears black leather fingerless gloves and has a red bandana tied around her forehead. E insignia on it and she wears a black belt with a pouch attached to it and a knife holster.Besides Up, there is one other person who she is somewhat close to. She's not as close with him as she was with Up, but he has always been good to her.He was her Commanding Officer for the two years Up was in rehab, and also helped her make it through the Academy.

The crew of Starship 15-A2 have returned to Earth for planetary leave, but troubles such as a somehow-still-alive Junior and the small matter of trying to save the universe from a second Robot War has made this vacation far from relaxing. You're going to have to fill out a character sheet whether you apply for a canon or an OC, as Starkid left a fair amount of the canon characters' histories up to interpretation.

A black band is tied around her left arm just above the elbow with the G. In her ear lobes are a pair of black pearl earrings, which were a graduation present from Up.

She has eight scars on her back, which are long and jagged, from whips when she was tortured.

She has very short inky black hair with long bangs which is styled in a slight mohican.

She often wears a white tank top, with two dogtags around her neck which were a gift from Up when she was at the Academy.

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