Gigi lai and bowie lam dating

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Bowie Lam however only achieved real star-hood after he joined TVB (Hong Kong largest TV network) in 1991.

Bowie's first major success was probably in 1992 TV drama, The Greed of Man, co-starring Sean Lau, Vivian Chow, Adam Cheng and Amy Kwok etc.

However, it is not a sequel or prequel and the storyline is completely different from the original War and Beauty.

Ratings report showed that the premiere episode broke the ratings record in recent years with an average of 36 points, which roughly translates to 2.31 million audiences.

The series was specifically filmed to celebrate TVB's 41st Anniversary.

The series was filmed in many locations apart from Hong Kong, including Tibet, Taiwan, and France.

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By the time of the series, the Sung clan is a shadow of its former self, with no brilliant or prominent clansmen of significant accomplishment.

TVB had been promoting this series heavily, thus creating a huge hype for the series even before it began its run.

An early premiere along the lines of Hollywood movie premieres was held on April 24, 2006 at the International Finance Centre Palace.

The Greed of Man is one of the best rated TVB's dramas ever; and although Bowie was playing as supporting role, he managed to catch the eye of the audiences as well.

Bowie Lam continued to star in numerous TV drama, including popular series like Files of Justice (1994-1997), Untraceable Evidence (19) and Healing Hands (1998, 20).

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