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The stalwart Gates, 32, is a tremendous host and adventure-team leader, very quick and clever, self-effacing but confident, and enviably competent at a number of outdoor skills including diving, climbing, trekking, and photography.

We have recently seen Massachusetts-native Gates and his road warriors explore and investigate the Great Wall of China, Masada in Israel, and leprechaun-central in rural Ireland, among other exotic locales including, um, New Jersey (with GH's Kris Williams guesting).

Bhutan is a great example of that: it’s a very closed off country in the Himalayas and they really limit the number of tourists they let in per year. ” Is this the same crew for the second half of season three? There are always a couple of flip-flops on the crew.

Filming there is a little bit tricky and I don’t think it would have been either logistically or economically viable if we’d been an enormous production. I’m not sure any of us thought we could pull off an overnight stay in King Tut’s tomb! We get asked about that a lot, but it’s really just a function of the downtime between the seasons.

We drifted into Syfy's Destination Truth through the “ghost door,” as it were, last fall.

We were sweating that one out even though we knew you must have survived: “Hey, this is a repeat, he must be alive!One of the things we have going for the show is that we are a very small crew.The show is not made by a cast of hundreds, and that’s part of the charm of the show — we hope — that you really feel like you’re along for the ride on a real, organic, roughshod adventure.But Ryder is great and brings a kind of sassy element that is a whole other great energy [Indeed she does! But a lot of the show is “just do it.” I’ve learned how to ride horses just by doing the show.Sometimes when it goes really wrong, we try to feature it – like riding camels in Egypt!

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