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I have three kids and am a full time mom which leaves little time time to meet new people.

I'm just looking to meet humble humans with no ego - that wants to have fun and are ok with experiencing the simple things in life. Friends describe me as bright, articulate, creative, curious, passionate, perceptive, and funny.

I'm interested in people, psychology, literature, music, and personal growth.

I love adventure, conversation, learning, laughter, romance, flowers, rivers, sunsets on the water, sea kayaking, geology, Asian architecture and decor, singing, swimming, springtime, birdwatching, the night sky, storytelling, poetry, having fun, and staying healthy.

I love confidence, and if you throw in the occasional moment of aw-shucks bashfulness, that melts me to my core. I volunteer in my spare time, play horror games and movies, create art, and take the dogs out for walks! My name is Jenn, I'm 25 and I've never used a site like this before.

I kind of just want someone to talk to, someone who is real and who I can tell anything to.

But Exton found that dating apps for lesbians were few and akin to Grindr, a service for gay men that is infamous for flings.

So Exton, a former marketer, created Her, a free app for women looking to date other women.

Dating apps specifically for gay women are limited.

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I'm looking to have a woman for a friend who is on going and can show me the ropes!

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Robyn Exton wanted to help a gay girlfriend who had gone through a break-up get back on the market.

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