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Wheelchair Socks require more precise and elaborate cutting and final sewing than Wheelchair Slippers do because they must fit the casters precisely.

But like Wheelchair Slippers they solve the annoying problem that all wheelchair users have – they help keep floors and carpets clean and protected from damage.

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Now wheelchair users can use their Wheelchair Slippers and Wheelchair Socks in order to keep prevent tracking dirt and germs throughout the house.Wheelchair users have told us that they appreciate that Wheelchair Slippers help to keep their floors clean from dirt and free from black tire marks.But for many years wheelchair users have demanded a solution for the front casters too. Eugene Emmer, owner of Reha Design Wheelchair Accessories announced the launch of ‘Wheelchair Socks’ an innovative cover for wheelchair casters, the small front wheels on wheelchairs.The launch of Wheelchair Socks comes after years of requests from wheelchair users.

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