What is bundling dating

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For a few years now I've been hearing conflicting stories about the Amish and bed courtship.

Some said it didn't exist anymore and some said it was still being used.

So it is discovered by experimentation, not to mention these kids are 16-17 when they start & most of the time alcohol has been consumed prior to the date or sleeping together occurring. ) You're right: with no education, the young people are set up for mistakes in situations like this.

Mary, it's no wonder families leave the Old Order before their children have to be involved in bed courting.

Even if it is their first "date", I would think, if she is naive, that could lead to some very sad situations for a teen girl.

Barbara Dee, I promise if you continue to delve into this topic you will be appalled!! I have a feeling 'troubling' will be a very mild description compared to what you will feel. Sadly, many don't want to know there are these kinds of troubles among the Amish. This discussion leads me to another question: do you think the parents ever worry about what is going on "up there" when they are in their beds and know there is a young man in their daughter's bedroom?

What I found was quite interesting, although I am unsure if it coincides exactly with what you were talking about. Usually, from what I've read and been told, it is a first date, too. I also read kissing and cuddling are part of it--for some couples. Barbara Yes, Dee, you are correct...definitely no board involved! Dena Yes, it exists under the Swartzentruber Amish Barbara Dee, the differences you will find are as vast as the communities out there..truth is it still exists all throughout especially Old Order which is where I come from.

Read through all the comments below to discover what it is and who is doing it. Dee I think that's why it so controversial, even among the Amish, Carol. Lizzy It is still practiced among the Swartentruber Amish, at least it was when I left 4 yrs. Naomi I heard from a former Amish, that it still goes on, that is why they left so that their children wouldn't get pregnant and then have to get married, then have to join the church and then make the VOW and then the religion has them. Naomi, did you know if the former Amish was Swartzentruber or Old Order? ( : Naomi Old Order Minerva Dee my family is old order, and yes it is still the way of dating in the community "Danville, Ohio" Le Roy Ya, it is basically a rule in the Swartzentruber church where we grew up and if anybody didn't do it because of conviction they were considered strange! A classmate did a report on it in our English class in college. I heard the Amish in Lancaster PA no longer bed court. Le Roy, I wondered if it is still going on around here. Lynn, the Amish bed court without a board--just teens in a bed together--often on the first "date"--in fact, that IS the date. It seems that a porch swing might have been better.We deal with the same troubles, but it seems like mixed messages to Amish teens would be SO troubling!Barbara The craziest thing in the world is they expect them even in dating this way to refrain from sex! And from what I gather from Saloma's book, there is a certain amount of ...can't think of the Dutch word...cuddling and kissing expected from the girls, too.And yes it does still exist in most old order churches.As for the new order that I know in Pa., they would definitely consider it a SIN to allow bed courtship.

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