Who is david mitchell dating

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"She's definitely having fun," one insider says of the star, who plays Emily on the smash drama.

Victoria Coren Mitchell has revealed it was love at first sight when she met comedian David Mitchell.

Speaking about the moment she met Mitchell, she told Radio Times: "[Baddiel] specifically said to me, 'There's David Mitchell over there, I think you should probably marry him, I'll get the ball rolling by introducing you'.

"I thought that was ridiculous but, a couple of hours later, I thought I probably would marry him." Coren Mitchell hosts the popular BBC quiz show Only Connect – but revealed she initially refused to film a full series because she saw herself as "an intellectual, not a quiz show host".

"I don't think they're ever going to call each other brother and sister, because there's just too much history.

They're also older, and they'll be out of the house soon. But whether they'll have a romantic relationship, I'm not sure." What she is sure of, however, is that the loud and proud "Brallie" shippers will let her know if they're not happy with the writers' decisions.

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