Young adams 10 commandments dating

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If people keep the ten commandments of dating, their relationships will run more smoothly, they will be protected from the pain of contemporary dating pitfalls, and they'll be on their way to building living, lasting relationships." /completely revised and updated, offers hope and sanity to singles who are sick and tired of the dating scene.

Hier bei Kobo bemühen wir uns stets darum, dass veröffentlichte Rezensionen nicht beleidigend oder obszön sind und keine Spoiler oder persönlichen Angaben des Rezensenten enthalten.

If you need a direct, no nonsense, step by step guide on how to tread your way through the world of dating, this book is highly recommended for you. It’s an incredibly informative read but as you reach the end, you realize that most of its content is pure common sense.

It kind of hits you with a reality check that before seeking for complicated, fancy do’s and don’ts of dating, apply the very basics of relationships that most of us tend to neglect.

Just like the content, the structure of the book is simple as well.Sales of Author's Previous Books: Samuel Adams, Psy. He earned his master's from Western Seminary and a doctorate from George Fox University.He maintains a full time counseling practice in Austin, Texas.Are you tired of pouring time, energy and money into relationships that start off great and end with heartache?If so, you need The Ten Commandments of Dating to give you the hard-hitting, black-and-white, practical guidelines that will address your questions and frustrations about dating. He earned his master's from Western Seminary and a doctorate from George Fox University.

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